The Top 3 Reasons Why Learning English Online is a Great Way to Learn English, Or How a Trip to McDonald’s is Like Studying Online English

Okay, okay. I was in a hurry…you know.  Got up a little later than usual. Skipped breakfast.  Dashed between meetings. So I stopped off at a local McDonald’s for an early lunch.  A side salad with low fat balsamic vinaigrette dressing and a cup of coffee would do.

Then I realized a trip to McDonald’s is like studying online English. I know.  I know. You just think that because I am the CEO of, a large online English company that I’m always trying to pitch English learning.  That’s not it.  I do other stuff.  I have a wife and a wonderful baby son, and a pet goldfish. I shoot baskets and go to the beach. But, really, eating at McDonald’s and learning English online both share the same 3-C’s.

You might be thinking. Just what are the 3-C’s?  Well, let me tell you. I’ve got a few minutes to spare ‘til my next meeting. The 3-C’s…convenience, choices and cost. I’m pretty confident You’ll enjoy the difference between learning English online and McDonalds!

Convenience.  What you want is what you get!

You can study at home in the comfort of your own home or office  There is no need to dress-up (or get dressed for that matter), travel somewhere, find money for parking or transit and arrive at a set time. Our classes can be planned around your trip or a series of activities. Our flexible scheduling will make this happen 24/7 with classes arranged 24 hours in advance. It’s that simple. With Skype or WebEx and an interactive whiteboard for your instructor and you to make notes and scribble, you will see that the instant feedback and results are what you were looking for. You will receive 100% individualization with any English pronunciation, vocabulary and for any conversational purpose. All of this will help maximize your learning potential. Remember, It’s your place to be!

Choices. We got it all for you!

You can select engaging curriculum that includes interview practice, test preparation (IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC, ESOL), Business English and Conversational English. We create personalized English programs for individuals and their needs based on student interests, requests and areas that need to be improved. These combinations of lessons, materials, discussions and activities have proven to be successful for students and businesses all over the world. For example, in our business classes, you will role play business meetings, calls and other interactions as well as talk about business in case studies, discussion and debate.  You can go at your own pace and target areas of study that you want help with.  Our talented, trained, and experienced teachers help to enforce the correct pronunciation and proper use of words in context. They all speak English as their first language.  A direct teaching method is employed so students are in charge of their own learning and speak English 80% of the time.  Remember, Nothing can do it like learning English online. You can also try an online learning app from our friends over at who have created an iOS and Android app to help students improve their English for short bursts of time.

Cost.  More than you expect!

I bet you’ll agree that you get a lot more than you thought for a reasonable price. Our prices include Oral English Assessment, Private Coaching of General English, Exam Preparation, and Business English (individual or company). Fees are established that range from a one hour trial English lesson to 7 or 15 sessions/hour at around $31-$39CAD based on type of instruction.  For a way to improve your English quickly and for other advantages - like the ability to record your classes for later review and having your class credits never expire, and all with a 100% guarantee if you’re not happy - you have virtually nothing to lose.  What are you waiting for?  So come on, and learn English through conversation.  Remember, What we’re made of.

So there you go, the 3-C’s. I looked at my watch.  I got a refill on my coffee to help keep me awake. After all, it was the beginning of another long day and i’m lovin’ it!


Write to me at and let me know your thoughts. Have you thought about English online study? Do you see the convenience? Do you understand the choices?  Would you like a more detailed explanation of the reasonable cost options?   Put a smile on! We love to see you smile!

And the next time you take a trip to McDonald’s, remember that Every time (is) a good time just like studying English online.  We guarantee it.

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