Improving Your English Vocabulary - 102 Important Words and Their Definitions for Convincing People

When it comes to convincing people, the words you choose to use is very important.
Most people find it hard to understand this concept.

"All words are equal, but some words are more equal than others." George Orwell

I think you’ll find it very interesting to read about 100 Important words and their definitions for convincing people that I chose.  

Perhaps,you may not understand how effective these words can be. But I will teach you how to use them in a context that will persuade your audience.

The best part is that you’ll be able to use them to accomplish specific goals in both your personal and professional life. 

 Let's dive right in!


 Make it Personal: 

1. You: A person spoken to or written to as an object.

Example: You deserve to be in this category.

2. Your: Belonging to you or related to you.

Example: Your inability to decipher the problem remains the cause.

3. Us: Means at least one other person.

Example: With the situation as it stands, what's going to become of us now?  


Call to Action: 

4. Get: To obtain or acquire

Example: You can get yourself prepared if only you have the prerequisite skills needed.

5. Add: To join or unite as one thing to another.

Example: Once we see your effort, we will add easier tasks to ease the learning curve.

6. Buy: To obtain something in exchange for money or goods.

Example: Please buy our products within 24 hr otherwise the 10% off coupon will expire. 

7. Call: A telephone conversation or a decision or judgment.

Example: Most of our decisions are based on, first come, first served principle. So please call us as early as possible to book an appointment.

8. Claim: A demand for ownership

Example: You can claim your prize if you participated in the last raffle draw.

9. Create: To design or put into existence

Example: The programmer will create advanced software that will soften the learning curve.

10. Discover: To reveal or to divulge 

Example: Aside from other tips and tricks, you will discover an A-Z hack for learning English in 14 days.

11. Download: To transfer data or files from a remote computer server to a local computer,usually via a network.

Example: Click here to download our free guide to get you started.

12. Join: To put together or to be part of something.

Example: You can join our platform at half of the usual registration price.

13. Learn: To acquire knowledge.

Example: Your ability to learn and adapt will determine how fast you can hit a more significant milestone.

14. Promote: To attempt to advertise or popularize a product for sale.

Example: To promote your brand effectively, you need to engage in strategic content marketing. 

15. Share: To give part of what one has to somebody to use.

Example: If our podcast has added value to your life, kindly share with your social media audience to help others find us.

16. Signup: the action of enrolling for something. e.g., program or classes

Example: You can sign up below if you want to be part of our mentor ship platform.

17. Start: To begin, to set in motion.

Example: To get a mind-blowing result, start now. 

18. Subscribe: To pay for a provision of service e.g., internet access or mobile phone plan.

Example: Kindly subscribe to our YouTube channel for regular updates.

19. Trial: An opportunity to use something.

Example: The above products are for trial; you have nothing to lose if you give it a try.

20. Launch: To stand out, to provide a start to something.

Example: He will launch his platform with more enticing offers too challenging to resist for the average buyer. 

Imply Logic:

21. Analyze: To resolve anything into different elements.

Example: The tutor tried to analyze the cause of our fluency; unfortunately, he failed. 

22. As a result: The cause of a change or action

Example: Recruiters were ordered to recruit more high school graduates. As a result, over 2000 students were given automatic employment after graduation.

23. Consequently: As a result

Example: She didn't like the course; consequently,she dropped out to venture into business. 

24. Convincing: A representative or illustration of things in a group.

Example: A right way of convincing people is your social proof, ex. testimonials.

25. For this reason: That which causes something.

Example: Natives are sociable to fluent English speakers; for this reason, you need to improve your speaking ability.

26. In order: according to a particular arrangement 

Example: She studied hard in order to pass her exams.

27. Therefore: Referring to something previously stated.

Example: English proficiency is a prerequisite skill for becoming an English expert; therefore,you need to improve your fluency.

28. Thus: in this way or manner

Example: Most of the online vendors sell inferior products; thus, we had to search for a physical store.



29. Makes sense: To seem reasonable or logical.

Example: Every one of his tips makes sense. I'm glad we have found a good mentor.

30. Organize: To arrange in working order.

Example: She needs to associate with purpose-driven individuals who will organize her life.

31. Reasons: That which causes something.

Example: Whatever their reasons, they gave us zero attention. 

32. Science: A particular discipline or branch of learning, especially one dealing with measurable or systematic principles rather than intuition or natural ability

Example: They didn't know about the science of surrogacy, nor did they know about the cesarean section.


Encourage Community:

33. Be apart of A member of a group.

Example: You can be a part of any organization if you meet their criteria.

34. Help us: Action given to assist.

Example: The orphanage home needs your assistance, kindly help us acquire donations for their food.

35. Let's: To allow to or not to prevent.

Example: Let's work together to ensure a collective result.

36. We can: To be physically able to achieve a feat.

Example: If we can come together with one voice, no one can silence us.


Spark Curiosity:

37. Free: Without needing to pay

Example: We are giving out free access to the first 50 members. 

38. New: Recently made or created

Example: Most of our facilities are outdated but the new ones have interesting features.

39. Amazing: causing amazement or wonderful qualities.

Example: Most of our programs were so amazing that most students paid in advance for the yet to launch content. 

40. Remarkable: Extraordinary or noticeable 

Example: If you notice anything remarkable about bloggers, it's their uncanny ability to make you click through their headlines without a second thought.

41. Astonishing: Surprise

Example: Messi gave an astonishing performance in today's match.

42. Banned: Not allowed

Example: You are banned from flouting any of the rules.

43. Bizarre: Strangely unconventional in style or appearance

Example: We knew he wasn't going to break his bizarre rules from the first day. 

44. Censored: Having had objectionable content removed.

Example: For security reasons, the images were censored. 

45. Confessions: An open admittance of having done something (especially something bad)

Example: Most of their confessions were pure lies aimed at defrauding their gullible followers.

46. Confidential: Not intended to be known publicly. 

Example: The autopsy result was so confidential that only the lawyers were allowed to see it.

47. Controversial: discussion of opposing opinions.

Example: Since the controversial news was announced, the whole city has been thrown into pandemonium.

48. Extraordinary: Something that's exceptional or not ordinary.

Example: To stand out in any industry, you need to possess extraordinary skills.

49. Eye-opening: A revelation

Example: His opinion was an eye-opening decision to the large crowd.

50. Hilarious: Very Funny

Example: The reply was hilarious; we couldn't help but giggle. 

51. Imagine: To form a mental image of something. 

Example: If you had practiced consistently for 90 days, imagine the level of professionalism you must have attained.

52. Life-changing: An effect that's strong enough to change someone's life. 

Example: Such life-changing books are worth space in my library.

53. Hidden: Not visible

Example: They have hidden intentions to harm him, should he fall for their tricks.


To Target Greed: 

54. Free: Obtained without payment or at a zero cost.

Example: If you order any of our products, you're free to obtain a bonus with the order.

55. Bargain: An agreement between parties concerning the sale of a property. 

Example: We didn't bargain enough to sell our house.  

56. Bonus: Something extra that's good. 

Example: She won’t get the free bonus offer without first buying the overpriced seminar.

57. Cheap: A low price

Example: The dress is cheap but has good quality.

58. Discount: A reduction in price

Example: I bought the car at 5% discount during the foreclosure.

59. Double: Twice the quantity

Example: I won double the amount of money as I thought at the slot machine.

60. Extra: Beyond what's due; additional. 

Example: Despite their low price, we gave an extra lesson to entice potential prospects. 

61. Giveaway: something that's handed out for free.

Example: Those giveaway prices are for generating leads.

62. Half-Price: Costing half the normal rate

Example: If you don’t mind buying a knockoff product, you can pay half-price.

63.Marked down: a reduction in price

Example: If a product is not selling, the price tag will be marked down.

64. Massive: Of or of a large mass

Example: The hall contained massive metal doors.

65. Prize: An honor or reward is given a winner 

Example: He participated in the television quiz show and won the grand prize.

66. Profit: Total income or cash flow minus expenditures.

Example: In the world of business, profit is everything.

67. Reduced: Made smaller or less

Example: His income was reduced due to a lack of competence.

68. Reward: Something of value given in return for an act.

Example: Her boss promised her a good reward for the outstanding work over the holidays.

69. Sales: Activities involved in selling goods or services.

Example: The store owner counted up his sales for the day, it was only $25.

70. Unlimited: The quantity or amount is not limited

Example: The ticket is good for unlimited travel on all trains this month.

Imply Specificity:

71. Certain: Something that's sure or positive.

Example: Its certain that the deal would be sealed today.

72. Comprehensive: Completely covering a large portion of something.

Example: The scholar posted a comprehensive list of sources approved for our use.

73. Exactly: Without approximation

Example: She knew how the poor girl talked and acted exactly like her.

74. Definite: Having distinct limits.

Example: Andre, l will give you a definite answer today.

75. Easy: Requiring little effort or at ease

Example: As an expert, I showed them some easy tricks that convinced them to subscribe to my idea immediately. 

76. Instantly: To carry out an action urgently or without delay

Example: She was instantly curious to be part of my team.

77. Explain: To give a sufficiently detailed report

Example: I can explain in detail on the phone, but it's important I see you now.

78. Detailed: To explain in detail

Example: He gave a detailed account of his meeting with Jennifer.

79. How: In what manner

Example: Your dress code determines how you will be treated by other people.

80. Identify: To establish the identity of someone or something.

Example: We were at risk simply because we couldn't identify the culprit.

81. In-depth: Comprehensive and thorough. 

Example: I haven't had time to do any in-depth searching yet.

82. Precise: Exact

Example: He wasn't giving the bank details because he had no precise numbers.

83. Specific: A distinguishing attribute.

Example: You will have to be a little more specific because I'm confused.

84. This: A thing or item is indicated. 

Example: Watch this TV program carefully; the winner will go home with a prize.

85. Why: For what cause or purpose

Example: Sophia was beginning to see why Mark wasn't impressed with the Doctor.

86. Because: For the reason that or for the sake of

Example: You deserve to be in the program because that's your last chance.

87. Membership: Member of a group or team

Example: Everybody was worried about the annual membership fees.


Offer Exclusivity:

88. Best: Excelling others or greatest degree of excellence

Example: Our online school has the best tutors trained to teach you English. 

89. Members-only:Persons who officially belong to a group.

Example: The organization is very strict; therefore, it's limited to members-only.

90. Challenge: To invite someone to take part in a competition/ a difficult task

Example: The challenge for the WBC title is only for Canadian professional boxers above 28.

91. Exclusive: Excluding members or items that don’t meet a certain condition.

Example: Admission to our online class is exclusive to candidates who scored 85% in their IELTS exam.

92. Limited: Restricted in size or amount.

Example: The offer is limited to only 50 persons, so you should check our portal immediately that it's open.

93. Be the first: Before anyone else

Example: To achieve fluency in English, be the first to register on our website.

94. Behind the scenes: out of public attention

Example: He works quietly behind the scenes trying to get a deal done.

95. Insider: A person who has special knowledge about the inner workings of a group.

Example: They have an insider who gives them concrete information concerning this organization.

96. Limited: Restricted to certain conditions or persons.

Example: The Canadian resident visa is limited to foreigners with reputable skills.

97. Rare:Very uncommon

Example: She has a rare talent for turning objects into something beautiful.

98. Secret: Being or kept hidden.

Example: To avoid conflict, maybe the secret could wait until they build a better foundation.

99. Sneak: To hide in a cowardly manner.

Example: The program is boring; I'd try to sneak away if I were you.

100. Peak: To reach a maximum.

Example: I believe sales of ice cream normally reach their peak when the weather is at its hottest.

101. Special: Distinguished by an unusual quality.

Example: Marc, I have something special for you as a birthday gift.

102. Unique: Being the only one of its kind. 

Example: Jessica designed a wedding ring for herself, and it was so unique and beautiful.

Now It's Your Turn…

After reading the above words, you'll now be better able to choose your words when speaking or writing to another person. 

What sentence did you use this week to convince somebody of your point?

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