I found the lessons really useful, and most of them are related to my professional attitude, how to communicate with clients.

- Elena Cherneva Cherneva.com, United Kingdom

It is very comfortable to have lessons at home; It is also really useful to have particular classes with a lot of conversation!!

- Maya Alvarez , Spain

I can have a flexible schedule for my lessons and the teacher is very committed to their students. Also I have the opportunity to have customized lessons according to my needs…After each lesson at TalktoCanada I go one step further in my English skills…The price is affordable and I can speak to a native teacher.

- Matheus Lobo Sao Paulo State University, Ph.D Researcher, Brazil

I felt the need to improve my English because my job as a coordinator for international relations in a small city in Japan, required me to do a lot of interpreting and translation. Talk to Canada offers me a flexible schedule, which is perfect for my always changing working hours. I’ve recently moved back to Brazil, and it was great to be able to continue to have classes with the same teacher, with the same method, without having to look for a new school. My teacher always gives quick feedback during and after classes, correcting my mistakes, helping to improve my pronunciation and vocabulary. Her mails are always very helpful, not only with the feedback, but with extra exercises, texts and videos for the next lesson. I surely feel more confident to talk to a native speaker now, but hope to keep improving my English so I can become an English teacher myself!

- Meiry Komesu , Japanese/English/Portuguese Translator, Brazil

I’m really happy with my teacher. It’s like talking to a friend and, meanwhile, she’s helping you to improve your English.

- Marta Ceciliano Mutua Madrileña, Web Systems Architect, Spain

It was a wonderful opportunity for me that I learn English with TalktoCanada through the internet using Webex technology with helpful teachers , they are always smiling and offering help. The best thing I like it is the conversation with english native speaker, and the learning materials they provide. The most benefit for online learning is the flexibility, I can learn any time at any place. Now my english is improved, in addition to that I learned new technology skills that is using Webex.

- Shaker Aldwikh , Project Manager, Saudi Arabia

Hello, my name is Corina and I’ve wanted to improve my English and I’ve heard about TalktoCanada. I’ve moved from Romania 5 years ago and now I am living in Langley (BC), Canada. I like Jennifer very much, she helped me to correct my pronunciation, increased my vocabulary, helped me with grammar and she helped me to get more confidence, so when I am speaking with native people I am not shy anymore. The online learning is saving me time because I don’t need to go away from home; it is very nice to have a teacher who’s working just with me. She found out my weaknesses in english and she is helping me to correct them. She is a very nice person and very friendly. I’m glad to have her as my teacher.

- Corina Andrei , Administrative Assistant, Canada

It’s an easy way to improve my english from home. They have a flexible schedule, so I can take my english classes whenever I want.

- Jetro Marco, Spain

Hi, my name is Marcelo, I’m from Brazil and I work as a System Analyst. I heard about Talk to Canada in 2009 when I was preparing to do my IELTS and to my surprise I got a very good score (overall band score 7.0) at this moment I knew that I had found the best way to learn English. In January of this year (2011) I took some classes to improve my English for an interview, after that I decided to take continuous classes pursuing the objective that is to be fluent in English. My teacher at TalktoCanada is a great teacher, the classes are fun without lose the focus. I have been learning a lot every week. This online method one-to-one is fantastic because you need to speak and speak a lot, which for me is the most difficult thing to do when you are studying a foreign language.

- Marcelo Miotto , System Analyst, Brazil

Flexible schedule with reasonable price. – Native english speaker as a teacher… Emails after lesson which tell words and sentences that I found difficulty help me to improve my English.

- Kyoko Akano , Product Manager, Marketing, Japan

With talk-to-Canada I am preparing for ielts and when I was registering for the lessons I chose speaking and writing as the points I would like to work more on. Thanks my teacher that she keeps pushing me to write essays because even though I understand that this is me who needs writing them, sometimes only sense of shame that I didn’t write anything can make me find time for them. I always knew that I am too lazy to study by my own that is why I am really thankful for this additional support and motivation! =) Regarding the benefits of online learning – as an early bird I am simply happy to have lessons early in the morning before I leave for job – I think at that time of a day my brain’s activity is much higher than on evenings. And also it is so convenient when your evenings are free for walking, meeting with friends, etc.

- Anna Smirnova , Purchasing and Logistics Manage, Russian Federation

Well, as a teacher myself, I just have to say that I’m impressed about the way you work and organise things, which is simple and very effective. I also love the platform you use for teaching, which I had never heard about (there’s so much to learn!). And so far the materials are appropriate, Alysia [TalktoCanada.com teacher] is very good. I’m just so thrilled about your method and its possibilities that I’m going to recommend your website to friends and former students.

- Sergi Panisello , Teacher, Spain

Highly recommended for all those students who understand that the process of learning a foreign language is a path that never ends and that only practice makes perfect!

- Gordana Vlajkovic, Serbia

I think I can talk about my self better, make up sentences more easier …etc…Thank you for every thing.

- Aseel Alturki, Saudi Arabia

Since I started learning English with TTC, my language level have improved significantly. I noticed the improvement mostly in speaking, because the live communication with teachers gives me what I had been missing before started the lessons. My confidence in using spoken English have risen, so I’m not afraid of talking to native speakers anymore. These advances help me both in my work and beyond workplace. I would recommend TTC to everyone who likes learning English, want to achieve sustainable results and be able to efficiently schedule the learning process. The flexibility of TTC teachers working not only in Canada, but in other time zones as well, gives a tremendous flexibility combined with a great reliability of the learning process.

- Anton Smirnov Global F500 corporation, Customer Support Specialist, Russian Federation

The biggest advantage is surely the flexibility and the possibility to stay at home for the lesson. The time for going to any institute or education college is saved.

- Frank Mindermann, Computer Engineer, Germany

I think now I have the ability to talk in English more easily, I become more organized, my pronunciation is better, and I have more confidence in my language.

- Mennat Allah , Student, Saudi Arabia

TalktoCanada has provided me with an excellent service which is available anywhere and anytime to anyone with a reasonable prices. Highly recommended.

- Mais Kassas KFSH&RC-Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

I think TalktoCanda.com is an amazing and a right website to learn English because of the flexibility of the time and the friendly and thoughtful teachers.

- Jasmine Amaa , University Instructor, Saudi Arabia

The TalktoCanada helps a lot to improve my skill in English. The teacher is wise and very patient.

- David Souza Freescale Semiconductor, Brazil

I have an English lesson with my teacher once a week since Dec 2009. My teacher is a nice open-minded lady and I really enjoy an English lesson each time. Yesterday, I had a business meeting with two Australians. Before the meeting, I was little nervous. But, I was surprised to know that I could speak English fluently at the meeting. I am sure that this is because of an English lesson every week. Thanks, TalktoCanada !

- Moto Yashiro , CEO of a Consulting Company, Hong Kong

I really like continuous feedbacks. My teacher sends me topics several days before we have the next lesson. She keeps change topics to encourage me to have variety in English speaking.

- Seolhyun Lee , Doctor, Korea, Republic of

I am really happy with my teacher Catherine (Caddie) and TalkCanada. She is very qualified in terms of experience and credentials and has real aspiration to help and teach ESL students like me. TalktoCanada online course suits a busy working professional who can not afford going face to face classes. I did an online course with the US based language institution – Berlintz last year. I was not impressed with qualities of their courses not to mention their price tag. I highly recommend TalkCanada to someone who wants to improve their English skills without the hassle of going to classes.

- Justin Chun, Australia

My class times are flexible and can be done from my own home. I enjoy having private English lessons from the friendly teachers at TalkToCanada.com.

- Christian Walter Scan Messtechnik GmbH, Austria

The potentiality to orientate the subject of the discussion. the ability to check english translation in the frame of professional works. the professionalism of my teacher. Always ready to give me support, giving me tricks to be more efficient in my english learning…

- Jacques Genteur, France

I love the system of TalktoCanada.com, where you can arrange the class at your own convenience. I save a lot of time having the classes in my house as I don’t have time to go to a proper school.

- E.S. , Filmmaker, Spain