Private English Lessons for Individuals

Learn English Online Anytime, Anywhere with Your Personal English Teacher

Online English lessons with highly-qualified Canadian English teachers available via Skype 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

  • English teachers and lessons are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can learn English at your own pace when it suits you via Skype, WebEx, or telephone
  • Personalized English lessons and programs for private individuals based on their needs, interests, and requests.
  • Trained & highly qualified English teachers from Canada who speak English as their first language. They all have university/college degrees and years of experience teaching English.
  • Proven effective direct teaching methods where students are encouraged to speak English. A student in our courses will be speaking English 80% of the time.


"Flexible schedule with reasonable price. – Native english speaker as a teacher… Emails after lesson which tell words and sentences that I found difficulty help me to improve my English."

- Kyoko Akano , Product Manager, Marketing, Japan

"Since I started learning English with TTC, my language level have improved significantly. I noticed the improvement mostly in speaking, because the live communication with teachers gives me what I had been missing before started the lessons. My confidence in using spoken English have risen, so I’m not afraid of talking to native speakers anymore. These advances help me both in my work and beyond workplace. I would recommend TTC to everyone who likes learning English, want to achieve sustainable results and be able to efficiently schedule the learning process. The flexibility of TTC teachers working not only in Canada, but in other time zones as well, gives a tremendous flexibility combined with a great reliability of the learning process."

- Anton Smirnov Global F500 corporation, Customer Support Specialist, Russian Federation